Jan 1, 2015

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Sept 24, 2014

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Sept 15, 2014

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Sept 14, 2014

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Sept 13, 2014

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Sept 12, 2014

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Sept 11, 2014

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Sept 10, 2014

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Sept 9, 2014

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Sept 8, 2014

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Sept 18, 2013

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Beginning Sept. 16, “CFAR and MAH News” updates are being broadcast via our Blog which cross populates in Facebook under “Waynesboro CFAR Runners” and Twitter.

Same great material (heh, heh, heh…), just a better way of getting it to you.



Sept 15, 2013

There’s nothing quite like a good night’s sleep…

Congratulations on yesterday’s performance!

We think the MAH is a fair test of running athleticism.  Yes it has a few hills, but there’s plenty of flat and gently rolling terrain to make up for them.

So how ya’ feeling the day after?

If you ran it to run it you’re probably feeling a little tender.  But, if you ran it to race it, you’re probably more than a little tender.

You mean there’s a difference?  Yup.  And that difference often manifests itself in your general well being a day or two after an event.

What to do?  Chill out.  The body has an incredible capacity to heal itself if we just let it do what it needs to do.  So, rest and repair this week.

Hopefully most enjoyed a good sleep last night.  Do yourself a favor by retiring early for the next couple of nights.  And avoid the weekend warrior stuff and major home improvements until next weekend.  Your body and your loved ones will thank you.

Regardless of whether you ran or raced the MAH, you damaged muscle and strained connective tissue. To help repair damaged muscle, ensure protein is a part of your diet for the first 6 – 9 meals after an event like a half marathon.  I didn’t mention carbs because most have no problem incorporating them into every meal.

By early week, you’ll begin to move more naturally as your muscle soreness subsides.  But you’re not out of the woods quite yet.  The connective tissues take a little longer to heal, so wait until the end of the week, or next weekend to put any prolonged strain on your body.

So what’s next?  For some, the MAH is a one-and-done affair.  For most however, the MAH is one of several running events this fall.

For the one-and-doners, use your hard earned fitness to explore other opportunities like spinning, yoga, weight training, rowing and martial arts.  Continue to maintain your running base through a weekly long-run, tempo run and speed work.  Look ahead to the spring and pick out another half to begin training for after the first of the year.  Two halfs/year with plenty of other fitness work in between is a great cycle.

For the eventers, hopefully the MAH is one of your more memorable fall events.  As you travel and experience different races, let us know if you come across something you think would work well at the MAH.  Many of the little extras you saw yesterday, like calling the runners in at the finish, were experienced by Race Committee members at other events.  Oh, and before I forget, please accept my apology for mispronouncing many of your last names.  No disrespect intended.

Thanks for all of the kind and congratulatory comments and raves on FB and Twitter.  And thanks also for taking a few minutes to complete the post-event survey.

How about a quick post or email of your favorite MAH moment?  For me, the most humorous had to be watching Ryan Lopez bound over the traffic barrier at the start.  The most inspiring was the top female finisher, Susan Graham Gray.  And the most humbling was watching Richard Fehle and Mathew Rice cross the Finish Line.  Each lost 180 lbs and 90 lbs respectively!!

Congratulations once again for a job well done!

Sleep well tonight.  Oh, and just a word of advice, it’ll probably go better for you if you don’t sleep with your finishers medal on.  But, by all means, put a little swagger in your stride and wear it around the office tomorrow.  Be sure everyone knows — you came and conquered the MAH!



Sept 14, 2013

Today was one of those rare experiences that simply exceeded your wildest dreams.  Yes there were hiccups, and a few lessons learned, but today’s race was by far our best yet.  Many people toiled many hours to bring today’s project to fruition.  A heartfelt thank you to each and everyone who contributed to today’s success.  More thanks in future posts.

The Overall and Division results are posted on the Results tab along with runner and volunteer surveys. Before or after basking in your very well deserved glory, please take a moment to complete those that apply.  They are anonymous, free and invaluable to us. We pour over them looking for problems, concerns and new ideas.

More to come after the fog clears, need sleep, now.



Sept 13, 2013

So much to say, but no time left to say it…happens every year.  Ugh!

Tonight, do yourself a huge favor – go to bed early.  And before retiring, set two alarms, seriously.

Race HQ lights will be turned on tomorrow morning at 5 AM.  If you’re up, and you want to watch the MAH minion magic come to life, stop by.  We can’t check you in until 6 AM, but you’re welcome to watch the MAH roadies do their thing as the sun comes up over Center Square.  It’s a beautiful thing.

Check item 4 on the Media tab as well as the Map of Runners tab — over 300 runners, from 10 states registered for tomorrow’s romp around town.  WOW!  WOW! WOW!

Race Day weather looks great!



Sept 12, 2013

The MAH minions are working feverishly as the BIG DAY draws closer.  One and a wake-up!!

Today’s update:  A policy change to bring to your attention.  Our race literature has indicated that emergency responders would be on-site.  That may still be the case, but most likely, the responders will be “on-call”.

Waynesboro is such a small, compact community, that the responders should arrive in about the same amount of time irregardless of whether they were on-site (on course) or in their station house.

Should you come upon an emergency situation, please call 911.

If you don’t have a cell phone, please seek out any phone by knocking on someone’s front door, flagging a motorist, or alerting a water table volunteer.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for any last minute details.  Let the carbo loading begin!!



Sept 11, 2013

A sad, solemn day.  Prayers to all whose lives were changed forever on Sept 11, 2001.

Today’s post deals with packing for the race.  OK, not the most glamorous topic, but important none the less.

Regardless of where you’re coming from, most will put off packing for Race Day until the night before. Some do this well, but most don’t.  So, why not try this instead…

Layout all your Race Day clothing and accessories – tonight.

Before going much further, just a quick comment on Race Day weather.  Check the hour-by-hour forecast here.  I know, WOW, WOW, WOW!!  I just doesn’t get any better.  Anyway, I call your attention to the forecast to point out that you’ll actually need several outfits on Race Day.

The first is pre-race clothing.  I don’t know about you, but 43 – 47 degrees means gloves, knit hat and full sweats.  BUT, don’t make the mistake of wearing any of it during the race.  Although you’ll be tempted to, don’t cave.  Every year, several put warmth ahead of, well, race smarts, and don tights, sweats, hats etc. only to curse their decision by @ mile 4.  Be prepared to strip off the outer layers before launching down West Main St. at 8 AM.

A couple of options here, you can either put your outer layers back into your vehicle, or you can let them lay in the start area.  As with most races, anything left behind will be collected and donated to the local Goodwill. Please note, there is no clothing/equipment check during the race.

Of course, don’t forget the post-run outfit.  For most, a dry shirt and light jacket is sufficient.  If you’re traveling a distance, you’ll probably want to use the shower pass in your race packet, so don’t forget to pack additional clean clothes for the post-shower ride home.

Yes, that’s a lot clothing for one outing, but all of that clothing should help to ensure you’re a warm, happy runner.

So, rather than leaving the entire ensemble assembly until the night before, find some vacant space tonight and lay everything out.  But, don’t actually pack it until tomorrow night (Thurs).  Why?  Give yourself an extra day to ensure you didn’t forget anything, and the option to change an item or two.

One last bit of advice, don’t forget to assemble all of your support ‘accessories’ tonight as well. Accessories like, shot blocks, gels, powders, none of which are provided at the race, hydro belts & bottles, bib belts, band aids, chafe sticks, KT Tape, sunglasses, baggies (fruit, gummies, Cliff bars etc.). Hopefully by paying attention to these items today you’ll prevent finding the ‘absolutely, got to have it, whatever item’ sold out Fri afternoon after work.  A real buzz killer for sure.

As in previous years, Race HQ (42 West Main St. – look for the signs) will open at 6 AM.  Feel free to use it to stretch, meditate or simply get out of the weather before the race.

A current overview of the race field can be found by checking item 4 on the Media tab as well as the Map of Runners tab.

Remember to check back often to stay current on everything MAH.



Sept 10, 2013

3 days and change!!  WOW!!  The MAH minions are BUSY getting ready for the BIG DAY!!  LOTS to attend to in the final days.  But it’s all good, we love doing what we do, because we love running and those that run – YOU!

Today’s BIG announcement:  The race clock on display in Center Square IS NOT the official race clock, nor does it not mark the Finish Line.  Huh?  Read on…

The Finish Line is marked by the ‘Finish Line’ banner as well as colorful tape on the pavement.

The official race clock is kept by the Race Timer who will be located at the Finish Line.

So, be certain to run through the starting line, past the display clock to the Finish Line!

This is so important that I want you to stop what you’re doing, stand up and repeat after me “I will run through the starting line, past the display clock to the Finish Line”.

OK, your cube mates are probably staring at you, so you’d better sit down.

Please repeat this mantra, in private, three times each day for the remainder of the week.

Oh yeah, we will repeat it together before the start on Sat – it’s that important.

Today’s weather is a little toasty with temps in the low 90′s.  But Race Day weather looks great!

Remember to check back often to stay current on everything MAH.



Sept 9, 2013

“Christine’s Cafe” will open at 6:30 AM on Race Day.  Great coffee, pastry and breakfast, and within walking distance of the starting line.

Event shirts, if you registered on or after Aug 22, your shirt will be in your race packet.  If you registered prior to Aug 22, you should have already received your shirt.  Please let me know ASAP if you haven’t received yours.

Will shirts be available on Race Day?  NO!  Shirts will only be distributed on Race Day to those who registered on or after Aug 22.  Why?  Cost!!  Several races lost their shirts due to ordering too many event shirts.  OK, I couldn’t resist, and yes, pun intended.

How do you know when you registered?  Check the date on your confirmation email.

Today’s weather is partly cloudy with mild to cool temps – perfect running weather!  Too bad it’s ‘taper week’ :(

The forecast for Race Day continues to look good.

Check back often to stay current on everything MAH.  Have a great week!



Sept 8, 2013

A quick update:  Find updated Turn-by-Turn Directions here.  The Volunteer Run revealed a clerical error in those posted in Aug (the item highlighted in yellow refers).

Another beautiful morning in South Central PA!  The forecast for Race Day continues to look good.

Remember to check back often to stay current on everything MAH.  Have a great week!



Sept 7, 2013

Two-dozen diehard MAH Volunteers assembled in Center Square for the 6 AM start of  ’The 2nd Annual Mad Anthony Half — Volunteer Run’.  Jason Itell led the field with a time of 1:51:02.  Way to go Jason!!



Sept 6, 2013

We are blessed with another stunning morning in south central PA!  WOW!  And if the 10-day forecast continues to hold fast, Race Day should also be a real stunner.

Another quick update today; can I pick-up my race packet before Race Day?  If yes, where?

Yes, you can pick-up your race packet before Race Day at Race Headquarters, 42 West Main St., (look for the banner in the window), 6-8 PM, Thurs Sept 12 & Fri Sept 13.  On Race Day, race packets can be picked up in the Runner Reception Area, (you can’t miss it).



Sept 5, 2013

Just one quickie today; the 10-day forecast indicates Race Day should be a real stunner.  I know, it’s a fools errand to put any stock in a 10-day forecast, so I’m not.

But, I do believe in the power of collective hope and prayer.  So, when you get a chance, your prayers for great race weather would be appreciated.

Speaking of stunning weather, what about this morning @ 5?  WOW!  Hopefully it’s a sign of things to come.

Find a current overview of the race field by checking item 4 on the Media tab as well as the Map of Runners tab.



Sept 4, 2013

A quick update and a little commentary:

For a current overview of the race field, check item 4 on the Media tab as well as the Map of Runners tab.

I’ve been asked to elaborate on the term ’Garminista’.  First, a little background.  ’Back in the day’, most determined course mileage by driving it while referencing an odometer.  For me, some drives occurred pre-run, but many occurred post-run.  I always looked for a way to add a little extra (sometimes a lot extra) to my intended route and that meant jumping back in the car to verify what I’d just run.

Of course, I had a pretty good idea of what the ‘magic number’ was, but I always had to verify it.  I remember a lump forming in my throat as the ‘magic number’ approached- would I ‘hit it’, or ‘miss it’? Actually, pre-GPS, did we ever really knew if we ‘hit it’?  No,  ’hitting around it’ was the best we could hope for.  Did you and your running buddies ever discuss how much ground was actually covered on the final turn of an odometer.  Yeah, me too.  Oh, the good ole’ days.

Then someone decided to put a really ‘fine point on the pencil’, so to speak, by introducing GPS technology to the running community, and we’ve never been the same since.  Not only has GPS made pre-run drives obsolete (just plot it on MapMyRun), there’s also no ‘hitting around’ the ‘magic number’. No, with GPS, you ‘nail it’!  Ever slavishly lap a parking lot for those last few tenths of a mile to ensure you ‘hit it’?!  Yup, me too!

So what’s a ’Garminista’?  They’re a secret society of GPS zealots that use this new found technology to spear Race Directors for fun.  Don’t laugh, it’s true, and I have the scars to prove it!  They’re easy to pick out when crossing the finish line; instead of looking up for family and friends, their gaze is always down, and fixated on the micro-screen attached to their wrist.  And if it doesn’t read – 13.1, watch out!!  Yikes!!

OK, do I still do laps around the Y parking lot waiting for my ‘magic number’ to appear?  Of course.  But, by verifying the MAH course with a surveyor’s wheel, hopefully you won’t feel compelled to do an extra lap around Center Square if your GPS reads short (remember to reference your manufacturer’s tolerance guidelines).

Lastly, I hope you’re enjoying your well earned taper.  In addition to watching your calories (i.e. mileage down = calories down), ensure you trust your training plan.  Many, particularly newbies and novices, but even some seasoned runners, think they can gain an edge by ‘going a little further, a little faster or both’ during their taper.  Ugh!  Don’t do this!

If you’ve been faithful to your plan, your work is done.  Let your body heal, recover and recharge before Race Day.  Juicing your workouts won’t give you an edge, it will only break you down further, making you susceptible to an injury :(  And it goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway, postpone any major home improvement projects until after Race Day.  Just cool it for the next ten days!  You’ll thank me on Race Day!



August 30, 2013

14 days (+) until Race Day!!  Goose bumps yet??

For most, tapering starts tomorrow (+/-).  Just a word of caution, watch your calories while decreasing your mileage.  That ‘little extra something’ (i.e. ice cream, burger, 2nd glass of whatever, etc.) that you knew would be burnt off the following day, well, it has a way sticking around as the miles go down, and by ‘around’ I mean ‘around your mid-section, thighs, etc.  So, enjoy your taper, you’ve certainly earned it, but watch the calories.

OK, I’ll get off my soap box, there’s lots to cover today…

1.  Lodging; MAH Sponsor, the “Days Inn of Waynesboro” (Tel: 717-762-9113) is within a mile of the starting line.  Remember to mention code “MAH2014″ when making reservations.

2.  Race morning coffee, pastry and breakfast; “Christine’s Cafe” offers a full menu and is within walking distance of the starting line.

3.  Where to park?  Find parking directions here (scroll down to the bottom).

4.  What to expect on Race morning?  Find the tentative agenda here.

5.  Where to shower after the race?  There’s no need to travel home stinky!!  A shower pass from the Waynesboro Area YMCA will be in your race packet.

6.  Timing.  I know ‘chip timing’ is the rage.  We tried it for our first couple of races, and weren’t impressed.  Last year we switched to ‘manual timing’ (i.e. lap top, spreadsheet) and had rave reviews. However, for manual timing to work well, please adhere to the following simple guideline; affix your bib to be seen clearly from the FRONT.  We don’t care if it’s attached to your shirt, shorts or bib belt, just as long as it can be seen clearly by the timing staff.

7.  New this year

A.  The course.  See the Aug 27 post below for details.

B.  The Finish Line is now @ 100′ west of the Starting Line.  Remember to RUN THROUGH THE STARTING LINE to the FINISH LINE!!  Just look for the prominently displayed ”FINISH”  banner.

C.  Wayne Driscoll of the band ‘Lucky Punk’ will MC this year’s event.  Wayne goes live at 7 AM with an eclectic mix of music and humor that’s sure to please.  And Wayne will ‘call you in’ (read your bib number, name, hometown etc.) as you approach the finish line.

D.  Post race.  Immediately after crossing the Finish Line, you’ll be guided into a reception area to receive your finshers’ medal, and then into the ‘post-race eats and drinks’ tent.  Beyond that you’ll find porta potties and open space to meet family and friends.  The Director of Course Safety and Medical Aid Station will be located in this area as well.  If you need medical attention, please make the race staff aware and they will guide you to the Medical Aid Station.

E.  Awards.  The Awards Ceremony is tentatively scheduled for 10:30 AM in the south-west quadrant of the square.  MC Wayne will be handing out the checks this year (awards are found here, scroll down to item 3).  We’re trying something new this year by holding the awards ceremony before the last runner comes off the course.  Post race survey comments from our first three events strongly suggested moving the ceremony to mid-morning.  Let us know whether or not this was a good idea in this year’s post race survey.

F.  Race Photographer.  US Candids is snapping the pics this year.  Look for guys with really big camera lenses and yellow vests (don’t forget to smile, or at least try).

G.  Post Race Attractions.  Here are several eateries within walking distance of the finish line

Breakfast, sandwiches -  “Christine’s Cafe”

Burgers, gyros – “The Waynesburger”

Sushi – “Sapporo”

Pizza – “Franks Pizza”

Artisan Chocolate – “Zoe’s”

Art – This is an amazing initiative and a MUST SEE while you’re in town - see here and here. The big bonus – all of the galleries are on Main St. and within several blocks of the Finish Line.

OK, that’s it for now.  Please check back often and enjoy your taper!!



August 27, 2013

18 days (+) until Race Day!!  Hey, it’s almost ‘Taper Time’!!

Please check back HERE several times a week for ALL ‘Race News’.  One biggie to pass along today:

Course change.  Yes, the rumors are true, we’ve made a major change to the MAH course.  We’re removing ‘Race Director’ hill at mile 11 (i.e. Hollengreen Drive) and replacing it with a slightly more level course through the same neighborhood.   Find an updated map MAH13 route 8-26-13 as well as Turn-by-Turn Directions, Updated 9-8-13.  Note, the items shaded in red replace the infamous hill.

OK, why the benevolent act?  Were my ears burnt beyond recognition from all the ‘gracious, kind and loving’ comments made by runners who’ve traversed up ‘Race Director Hill’?  Well…no, not really, I’ll actually miss the more creative zingers :(

Truth be told, the US Track & Field Assoc. is completing certification of the course.  Neat!  So what does that mean?  It means we’re inviting the Kenyans next year!  OK, maybe the year after.

Seriously though, competing on a certified course should reassure you that your time is “true” and as such, comparable to your times on other ‘certified courses’ (i.e. promotes an ‘apples-to-apples’ comparison).

“Certified you say?!”  Yup, and Garministas take note, the distance was verified by ‘walking’ the entire course with a surveyor’s wheel!!

Here’s a little ‘inside baseball’ on interpreting the updated course map and the racing strategy known as ‘running the tangents’.

Stay healthy!  No weekend warrior nonsense until after Race Day!!



June 13, 2013

92 days until Race Day!!  Here’s hoping your training is going well.

Several have contacted me recently seeking to transfer their registration because of injury, wedding, and work/school commitment.  Here’s a quick note on how we handle race registration refunds, transfers, and deferments.

First, in all but a very few cases (broken limbs come to mind), it’s a bit premature to throw in the towel now because of a recent injury.  Sure, your training will suffer while you rehab, but there are many ways to keep up your endurance and strength in the interim.  Runners tend to be a bit ‘jumpy’ when it comes to injuries, have faith, the human body has an incredible capacity to heal itself.

Second, the nerve of an employer, school or family member/friend to double book you on Race Day!!   Seriously though, we know all too well that life happens and we’ll do what we can to help.

Updated Aug 27, 2013.  We do not refund race registration fees, nor can they be transferred.  BUT, we will defer your registration until the following year if you provide notice of your intent not to run by Aug 31.  Please note, if a deferee received an event shirt for the event they are deferring, and if they desire an event shirt for their alternate event, they will be required to purchase the event shirt for the alternate event.

REMINDER:  Act soon to reserve your spot on ‘Team SALAMANDER’.  Registration for the sixth annual Salamander Scramble continues in earnest.  Here’s a recap of The Record Herald series on the Scramble

Profile #1:  Bob Correll

Profile #2:  Drs. Greg and Diana Lyon-Loftus

Profile #3:  Jeremy Bowersox

Profile #4:  Daryl Lehman

Profile #5:  Drs. May Coa and Stephen Bui

Profile #6:  Ashlyn Shockey and Michelle Benshoff



May 2, 2013

A lot to celebrate lately:

The fifth running of the American Odyssey Relay Run Adventure was held over this past weekend.  The Record Herald posted two fine stories, here prior to the race and here the day of.

The sixth annual Salamander Scramble is forming to run the Firecracker 5K on July 4th, and The Record Herald has posted weekly articles found here, here, here and here.

A quick reminder,  registration for CFAR’s 2nd Annual ‘Mad Anthony Half’ is on-going.   See the Race FAQ’s page for details.



Jan 4, 2013





WOW!  There’s no other description that quite fits.  WOW!  In just 24-hours, 138 runners registered for CFAR’s 2nd Annual ‘Mad Anthony Half’.

OK, so those aren’t Boston or New York numbers (yet), but a huge THANK YOU to all who registered on New Year’s Day.  As with most new endeavors, this had its fair share of hiccups, but Mike Cermak of Cermak Technologies, our‘Registration Opening Day MVP’ , quickly got us back on track.

What?  You missed the ’2fer’ special?!?  Register before March 31st to take advantage of the $40 “Early Bird” registration fee.  Se the Race FAQ’s page for details.



Dec 31, 2012

Oh boy, it’s only hours away nowHeart racing?!?  Goose Bumps?!?  Sweaty brow?!?

“Huh?  You mean the ‘ball’ dropping in Times Square?”


“A special New Year’s smooch from my special someone?”

Well, yeah, but no…

“CFAR’s Fourth Annual ‘New’s Year Day Romp Around Town’?”  (details below)

OK, come to think of it, that does cause a few goose bumps, but no, I’m referring to…

‘REGISTRATION OPENING DAY’ for CFAR’s 2nd Annual Mad Anthony Half’!!!

Hyperventilating now?!?…thought so, grab a paper bag, take slow breaths, and check out CFAR’s ‘One Day Only Super Duper 2-fer Registration Special’.

That only made matters worse??  OK, here’s the sure fire cure, register for the 2013 MAH.  Registration opens at mid-night tonight.

Remember, for fastest relief, be sure to register first, then find your special someone.

(Details for CFAR’s Fourth Annual ‘New Year’s Day Romp Around Town’:  @5K, 9 AM at the Y, bring a non-perishable food item for the food bank - ALL are welcome)



Dec 28, 2012

It’s gettin’ close to ‘that time of the year’, but before we say goodbye to 2012, a little recognition and welcome is in order:

Old business…Year End Awards

Hall of Fame Inductee, Female Runner – Angie Fuss
Hall of Fame Inductee, Male Runner – Steve Ferree and John Economos
Most Improved, Female Runner – Beth Skroban
Most Improved, Male Runner – John Economos and Ben Thompson
Busiest Runner (more miles on car than in shoes) – Bob Correll
Most ‘Freakin’ Awesome Runner’ – Angie Fuss
Highest Mileage – Emily Dickey, @ 2,300 miles
‘Energizer Bunny’ – Erica Price
Youth Runner – Ian Skroban
‘Sick Bay Commando’ – Dr. Greg Lyon-Loftus
PR Master – Beth Skroban
Female runners who should be married – Erica Price & Emily Dickey, and Ashlyn Shockey & Lauren Meckley
Male runners who should be married – Dr. Stephen Bui & Harry Morningstar
Hero Award – Tom Beck, beat back cancer and ran two half marathons
President’s Outstanding Achievement Award – John Kelley, CRAW & MAH sponorships
President’s Outstanding Volunteer Award – Mike Amsler, ‘Mr. Johnny-on-the-spot’

New business…2013 Officers

President – Daryl Lehman
Vice Presidents – Fred Skroban and Michelle Benshoff
Secretary – Erica Price
Treasurer – Linden Showalter



Sept 30, 2012

IT’S finally here!!   Huh??  FALL!!

It officially arrived about ten days ago, and to a runner that means one thing…EVENTING SEASON!!  Yeah!!!

No more slogs through the sauna, er, I mean, Aug training runs.  It’s time to RUN, and run we will.

A CFAR contingent went north this weekend to take part in the 31st Wineglass Marathon in Corning, NY.  A great showing by all

Runner Time Comment
Aslyn 1:54:00 Half
Michelle 3:29:27
Erica 3:47:00 PR
Danielle 3:47:00
John 4:19:49 PR
Harry 4:48:03 PR
Stephen 4:48:04
Greg Finished



Sept 19, 2012

A BIG thanks to Lee Goodwin at The Record Herald for his race wrap-up.

Someone asked earlier today if we were “basking in the success of another BIG event”…well, not exactly. There’s as much work after an event as before…well, not exactly.

But we have been busy getting those final proverbial checks in those final proverbial blocks.  Like gathering final shirt and medal orders, and composing thank you notes to the legions who supported us on Sat…now, that’s some list!

You get the picture, lots to do to.  But that’s OK.  We’re not whiners.  We do what we do, because we UNDERSTAND!

Volumes have been written on that ‘understanding’ (you know what I’m referring to, right?) and I’m not about to add to them now.  Just know that our primary motivation for hosting these BIG events, as we refer to them, is because we run too.  Not because we have to, although some of us do, but because, like you, we LOVE IT and LOVE sharing what we LOVE.

OK, this is  getting a little touchy-feely, but hopefully you get my point.

Anyway, if you enjoyed the inaugural running of the ‘Mad Anthony Half’ send us an email telling us what went well for you.  And for those who didn’t have a good experience, send us an email explaining what went wrong and how you might do it differently.  The more we know the better (yes, this is in addition to filling out the post-race surveys).

The final shirt and medal order should be submitted by the end of this week.  Again, my apologies to those who went home without theirs.  We’ll notify you as soon as they come in.  We plan to mail them unless you indicate otherwise.

Put a reminder on your calendar to stop back on New Years Day 2013.  We’re planning to open on-line registration for the 2nd annual ‘Mad Anthony Half‘ (Sat Sept 14, 2013) on Jan 1 ,2013 (seriously!). Check back Jan 1 for a special promo valid that day only.

All the best with your running.



Sept 16, 2012

A few comments on collectibles and age group awards.

As several have noted, the finisher’s medal contains a typo…I’ll stop while you retrieve yours.

Look in the lower right hand corner and you’ll notice the manufacturer misspelled ‘Waynesboro’ by using a ‘C’ instead of an “E”.

Most will never notice it because the font is so tiny, but a sharp (young) eye can and has picked it out. Now what?

Look upon your inaugural finisher’s medal as a coin collector looks upon mint error coins.  They’re “uniqueness” is certain to cause them to become more valuable over time.

OK, granted you probably won’t be able to send your child to college or retire early, but it does make for yet another interesting aspect to a wonderful event.

Age group awards have caused a few inquiries so let me address our handling of these awards.

Your post-race survey input is VERY important to us.  One item that came up quite a few times on the ’30K Gut Check’ post-race race surveys was the awards ceremony in general, and the distribution of of age group awards in particular.  Many respondents indicated a strong preference for a ‘short and to the point’ ceremony.

Although it’s thrilling to have your name called in recognition of your age group achievement, many were willing to forgo it if it meant a shorter ceremony.  This jived with Race Committee members’ experience, and with the rather large box of unclaimed age group awards from the first two ’30K Gut Check’ awards ceremonies.

So we decided to eliminate age group awards from the awards ceremony and to recognize those achievements on the Results page under ‘Division Results’.

Enjoy your ‘rest’ day.  For those who must, just a few miles at a very comfortable pace.


Sept 15, 2012

WOW!!  What an absolutely incredible event!  It’ was one of those rare occasions when all the pieces fit together to produce a huge WOW!!

Thanks to everyone – runners, volunteers, support personnel (i.e Police, Fire Police, EMT’s, Borough & Township staff), sponsors and Race Committee members.  Your efforts, good cheer and the remarkable weather made this morning a life memory for all.

I’ll post more next week after I’ve had a chance to decompress.

Before closing, my apologies to those who did not receive their finisher’s medal, and or event shirt today.  Please know that many Race Committee members also did not receive their medals and or shirts in an attempt to make what we had on-hand stretch as far as possible.  Manufacturing schedules dictated an early ‘educated guess’, and unfortunately, I guessed too low.  Rest assured, I will place final orders early next week and mail them out as soon as they arrive (hopefully within one to two weeks).

Reminder, please see the Results page for Overall and Division final results, on-line surveys and additional finisher’s medals information.


Sept 14, 2012

Last minute instructions…


1.  Layout everything you’ll wear and eat in the morning.  Clean your running shoes, to include removing the sock liners, and bang your shoes until all the little stones stop falling out.

2.  Trim your toe nails.

3.  Set 2 alarms for tomorrow morning.

4.  Go to bed one half hour earlier than you planned (you’ll understand why tomorrow, if not, find me, and I’ll tell you)

Tomorrow morning

1.  Leave with enough time to comfortably handle the unexpected accident, pit stop etc.

2.  Don’t forget to apply ‘BodyGlide’ and or Vaseline, and band aids (guys).

3.  Above all else, have fun tomorrow!!  The weather should be perfecto!!  Remember, dress to run, not for the morning chill (ditch the morning sweats before heading to the Start).


Sept 13, 2012

Please review yesterday’s post as a few minor corrections have been made.

Relax and enjoy the beauty of early fall in south central PA!!


Sept 12, 2012

As promised, here’s an overview of Race Day happenings.  Much of the following can be found on the race site as well.

Race Day begins early for the Race Committee, we meet at 5:45 AM in the parking area on the west side of Susquehanna Bank to set-up the Race Hospitality Area.

Services offered in the Race Hospitality Area from 6 – 8 AM include

  • Event shirt pick-up
  • Gear check (not available, use your personal vehicle)
  • General Information (lost & found)
  • Medical
  • Porta-potties
  • Press
  • Race Director
  • Race packet pick-up
  • Security

Race Headquarters is located about a half block west of the Race Hospitality Area at 40 West Main St.  It will also open at 6 AM for those wanting to get out of the morning chill and who don’t want to be stuck in their vehicles until the race.  It’s a fairly large storefront that’s suitable for stretching, gear adjustment etc. Please keep it clean and don’t leave any personal items behind.

For those needing their morning coffee fix, ‘Christine’s Cafe’ (81 West Main St.) has graciously agreed to open at 6:30 AM.  It’s a short walk (1/2 block) west of Race Headquarters.  They offer coffees and other breakfast beverages, pastries, and serve breakfast and lunch throughout the day.

Runners will receive two calls to assemble for the start of the race.  The first will be at 7:30 AM, and the second at 7:40 AM.  The pre-race greeting will begin at 7:45.  The National Anthem will be sung at 7:55, and the race will begin promptly at 8:00 AM.

The ‘Mad Anthony Half’ will be manually timed.  Veterans of the ’30K Gut Check’ will recall they were timed with disposable chips.  We decided to manually time the ‘Mad Anthony Half’, so runners will be funneled into a chute after crossing the finish line.  The chute captain will record your bib number.  PLEASE ensure you enter the chute in the order you crossed the finish line.  We know you’ll be delirious from exhaustion, so expect volunteers to ‘guide’ you accordingly.

After your bib has been recorded you’ll enter a large ‘cool down’ area and be greeted with a hand towel that was immersed in ice water (i.e the towel is yours to keep), as well as your custom finisher’s medal. You will also find volunteers who will direct you back to the Race Hospitality Area for post-race eats and drinks.  PLEASE alert volunteers if you require medical attention and they will escort you back to Race Headquarters.

The Awards Ceremony is scheduled for 10:30 AM in the Race Hospitality Area.  Although the course doesn’t officially close until 11:30 AM, most runners will be back, fed and anxious.  Cash awards will be distributed to the top three men and women overall finishers, as well as the top three men and women Master’s finishers.  There will be no age group awards or recognition during the awards ceremony. A tote board depicting race results will be set-up adjacent to the ‘cool down’ area and be updated throughout the morning.

There’s no reason to go home stinky, each race packet will include a shower pass redeemable at the Waynesboro YMCA.  Please be sure to bring a change of clothes and to stop at the Y before heading home.

Official race results will be posted on the race site as soon as possible.  PLEASE take a few minutes before reviewing the results to take a short survey.  It’s free, completely anonymous and very important for future races.

OK, that wraps up Race Day happenings.  Please check back tomorrow for any last minute instructions. Until then, enjoy this beautiful weather and your taper week…


Sept 11, 2012

Taper week can be kind of tricky.  On the one hand, you welcome a break from the mileage, but on the other hand, you still crave that mileage.  As a result, many try to ‘out think’ their training plan by adding a few ‘extras’ to satisfy those mileage cravings.

Does this sound about right, “It can’t really mean ’3 miles at race pace + 1.5 mins’.  I think ’5 miles at race pace’ is more appropriate.”  So, off you go, thinking you’re getting a ‘little extra edge’, while you’re actually wearing yourself down.  Slow, easy and rest are words to live by this week.

And yes, the weather this week has been positively ‘drop dead beautiful’, and those extra miles beckon like a sirens’ call.  But a word to the wise – don’t answer their call.  Have faith in your training, as well as your training plan, and chill out.

Another taper week trap is food intake, and it gets newbies and veterans alike.  Just remember to ‘taper food consumption with reduced mileage’.  If you don’t, you’ll end up with a few extra pounds to haul around on Race Day.  But hey, you earned those chocolate chip cookies didn’t you?!  Yes, but wait until Sat afternoon to indulge!

The one thing you can and must do this week is DRINK…water, or better yet, water with an electrolyte tablet like Nuun.  Don’t let the ‘drop dead beautiful’ running weather lull you into skipping regular trips to the water cooler, or keeping a water bottle at your desk.  If you do, your performance will suffer on Sat!

Remember, race performance is more influenced by what you do before you toe the line than what you do during the race.  This applies to all aspects of your training, including proper hydration practices.  A good rule of thumb is to drink so the color of your urine is the color of pale straw.  Be careful though, any lighter than pale straw indicates you’re consuming too much water, and you risk hyponatremia.

Several have asked for a race registration update.  Please see ‘Fast Stats’, para. 5 of the ‘Media‘ tab.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for a review of Race Day happenings.  Until then, enjoy the taper…really.


Sept 9, 2012

Hearts pounding, sweaty brows, stomachs in knots, hmm, it must be RACE WEEK!!!

For those who’ve followed a formal half-marathon training plan, this is TAPER WEEK, YEAH!!!  But, if you’re like most, and have sort of winged it, the same holds for you as well.  Use this week to chill out and get your head together before Sat’s MAH.

Sat’s ‘Volunteer Run’ (VR) went very smoothly.  The VR is an opportunity for MAH volunteers who work on Race Day to run the MAH, albeit a week early. At 6:15 AM, a half dozen volunteers ‘registered’ with our official timer, affixed race bibs to their shirts, and were off and running before most had their first cup of coffee.

I’m happy to report everyone negotiated the course without issue.  As expected, all noted the three hills (“#x@* hills!!!”), but the (long) declines and beautiful vistas got high marks as well.  All strongly recommended reading Michelle’s course review before Sat.

CFAR Treasurer Linden Showalter posted the (current) course record finishing in 1:47:56.  Other notables included Rod Teach at 1:49:36 and Michelle Benshoff at 2:00:49.  Your Race Director’s official time was 2:10:34, or 2:04:44 Garmin time (the difference attributed to a ‘pit stop’ at ‘Sheetz” @ mile 6, as there were no ‘water tables or porta-potties’ on the course yesterday).

Ideal late summer – early fall running conditions are forecast for Race Day.  The current weather forecast is calling for a partly sunny – partly cloudy day, temps in the low 60′s at the start, and low 80′s by early afternoon.   Recommendation: RESIST the temptation to over dress to compensate for early morning cool temps.  Most will pick-up their race packets between 6:30 – 7:30 when it will be cool, perhaps even ‘crisp’.  Don’t be fooled, dress to run in the mid 70′s to low 80′s.  NO tights, leggings or hoodies!  What feels good at 8 AM will be torture an hour later.

Be sure to check back throughout the week for additional Race Day info.  Enjoy your taper week!!!


Sept 4, 2012

OOT! OOT! OOT! BIG MAH announcement…

Less than two weeks until the BIG day…no, not your birthday, CFAR’s inaugural running of the Mad Anthony Half (marathon)!!!

Please check here daily for any last minute details.  A few items to pass along today

1.  Registration:  Believe it or not, there are still ‘fence sitters’ who are waiting to see ‘which way the wind blows’ on race morning before deciding if they’re running the MAH or not.  I know, I know, the thought makes my head ache too.  So, PLEASE, take these wayward soles to the nearest computer, and click here and get them registered!!  Consider it your ‘running community service project’ for the day.

2.  Race packet pick-up:

Early:  Thurs Sept 13 and Fri Sept 14 6 – 8 PM, 40 West Main St., beside ‘Memories by Elizabeth’ (look for the banner in the front window).

Race day:  Sat Sept 15 6-7:30 AM, ‘Race Central’, 10 West Main St. (parking area beside Susquehanna Bank).  In-climate weather, use 40 West Main St., beside ‘Memories by Elizabeth’ (look for the banner in the front window).

3.  Wearing audio devices (i.e. iPod, MP3 player etc.):  Please see the waiver on the race registration form, the following refers

“I understand that bicycles, skateboards, baby joggers, roller skates or roller blades, animals, and headsets are not allowed in the race and I will abide by this guideline.”

4.  Event shirt mailings:  I’m sorry to report that event shirts will not be mailed  prior to the event as was previously indicated.  The short explanation is that it’s way too costly to do so.  No problems, it’s worth waiting for!!


Aug 20, 2012

OOT! OOT! OOT! Drum roll pleaseTHE NEXT BIG MAH announcement…

Below find the ‘custom finisher’s medal’ presented to every MAH finisher on Sat Sept 15th!


I know, I know, it gives me goose bumps too.

OK, by a show of hands, how many of you are planning to run the MAH just to get your hands on the medal??  Yup, I thought so.


Aug 13, 2012

OOT! OOT! OOT! Several BIG announcements!  Please re-read this post several times to ensure you don’t miss anything.

1.  Price Roll-back.  Race fees have been rolled back from $65 to $50 until midnight Wed Sept 12 when they’ll increase to $65 through the event (i.e. ALL walk-up race fees will be $65).  The $15 difference will be refunded to anyone who paid the $65 registration fee.

2.  Event Shirts.  They’ve arrived and are ready for pick-up beginning today, Mon Aug 13!

If you live within the local broadcasting area of say 30-miles of Zullinger, PA, stop by ZIP Self Storage (address: 11870 Mutual Drive, Zullinger, PA  17272, phone: 717-765-4415) between 9 – 5 Mon – Fri and 10 -1 on Sat to pick up your shirt.

If you live ‘away’, your shirt will be mailed to you (greater than 30 miles). If you don’t claim your shirt before the event, it will be put into your race packet.  But believe me, you’ll want to make extra effort to get your hands on one very soon, they’re pretty sharp!

3.  Custom Finisher’s Medal.  We’ve been quietly working on this for sometime now, and hope to make an announcement complete with pictures real soon.  I promise you, one look and you’ll run the MAH for the medal alone!  Check back later this week for more information.



Aug 9  The Record Herald Article

Lee Goodwin’s great article in The Record Herald.  Thanks for your support Lee!!



June 15, 2012

OOT! OOT! OOT! Less than 24 hours left before the early bird entry fee expires!  Stop procrastinating and Register Now! And if you know of someone who’s also a perpetual ‘fence sitter’, get them off the dime too.

And don’t bother with an email or tweet, no one reads them anymore (who has the time?).  Instead, try an actual conversation.  No, not with Skype.  Pick up the phone and call your partners in procrastination and give them a final nudge.

You don’t remember what a phone is?  It’s OK, you’re not alone, go here for a quick refresher.  Now you remember?  Good.  You’ll probably find one on your desk, night stand and/or in the kitchen.  No, it’s not a paperweight…

You don’t remember how to use it?  You’re a ‘texter’?!  Calluses on the forefingers and thumbs?  I understand.  Just ask your secretary or significant other for ‘how-to’ directions, and if that fails, go here.

Why the big ‘early registration’ push?  You mean besides trying to save you a few $’s?

In keeping with our “Mad’ theme, we’ve decided to distribute the MAH event shirt before race packet pick-up.  Huh?  Yup!  It’s crazy…

We want those event shirts to do some traveling this summer…to other running events, vacations, camps, concerts, where ever you go, we want your event shirt to go along – on your back, not your inside your gear bag or suitcase.

Be sure to check back here over the next several weeks for instructions on how to receive your event shirt before the Big Day.

We need to place our shirt order soon and want to ensure we include you and yours in our initial order. So if by some freak chance you still haven’t registered, Register Now!



June 14, 2012

OOT! OOT! OOT! Just 2 days remain before the early bird entry fee expires.  Race entry fees go up on Sat June 16th!

Here’s the thing, if you’re a local or maybe not so local runner, you’re going to run the MAH!  Why? Bragging rights!  No one wants to miss the ‘Big One’, and the MAH will definitely be this fall’s ‘go to half’.

So why pay a higher entry fee?

Register Now!

Yes, right now! Stop reading, and click on the race logo above (pretty snappy logo huh?), and click on the Register Now! tab.  Two minutes later you’ll be registered, and feel SOO MUCH better.

Now, fast forward to Mon morning, Sept 17th and imagine the following…

Your office – ‘So what’d you do this weekend?’

You – ‘Not much, except on Sat I ran the MAH and PR’d.’ (don’t forget to add a little nonchalant swagger to your voice)

Your office - ’What’s a MAH?’  and, ‘What’s a PR?!’

Which you’ll follow with a rather long, detailed explanation of Sat’s triumphant conquering of the MAH, with a PR to boot (with lots of nonchalant swagger).

Of course as you’re retelling your tale, you’ll be showing off your event shirt (you’ll be wearing it), finisher’s medal and race bib (you’ll note your PR on the backside before posting it on your brag wall)!

Everyone will be green with envy.

Yes, YOU will be THE guy or gal for the day! (week? – you probably need to run the JFK50 in Nov)

All will bow at your cubicle! (office, classroom etc.)

All will try to steal your event shirt and finisher’s medal! (check eBay & Craigslist)

All will want to be YOUR running partner.  Well, maybe not…

Don’t be surprised if most find the the whole ‘triumphant – conquering – running – multiple acronym – nonchalant swagger’ thing a little intimidating, so coffee or lunch is probably as good as it gets.  But that’s OK, because you’ll still be THE guy or gal…

and it all starts with registering RIGHT NOW!



June 4, 2012

OOT! OOT! OOT! Just days remain before the early bird entry fee expires.  Don’t miss out!  Race entry fees go up on Sat June 16th!  Go to Race News for the latest updates.



May 14, 2012

OOT! OOT!  OOT! You’ve waited patiently and its finally here.  Your birthday?  No.  Summer vacation?  No.  Christmas…NO!  On-line registration for CFAR’s Inaugural “Mad Anthony Half” (marathon) opened today!  Both on-line registration options are available.

For those registering through a running club, please enter your coupon code where appropriate, and for those availing themselves to the ‘fabulous offer’, please read paragraph 3 of Race FAQ’s, particularly the Notes section BEFORE registering.

Please check back often for special announcements, promos etc. as we work our way through the summer to the starting line on Sat Sept 15.

We hope your training goes well, and that you stay injury free (LOL, yeah, like that’s gonna’ happen) and we can’t wait to see you in Sept.  Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.  Thanks for your support.



May 11, 2012

OOT!  OOT!  OOT! CFAR proudly welcomes Robinwood Orthopaedic Specialty Center as the Primary Underwriter for CFAR’s Inaugural “Mad Anthony Half” (marathon).  “Run2Live4Life”


May 7, 2012

OOT! OOT! OOT! The countdown has begun…registration for CFAR’s Inaugural Mad Anthony Half’ opens one week from today.  Please check back daily for updates.

Today’s update is the course route.  Please, no snarky comments concerning the distance, it will be trimmed to 13.1 miles by Race Day.

Course maps: with elevation and without elevation (note, the Mad Anthony Half’ starts and finishes in Center Square Waynesboro).

Want to ‘get a feel for it’ before Race Day?  Great idea!  CFAR meets every Sat at 7 AM at the Waynesboro YMCA.  Just show up and ask if anyone is running the Mad Anthony Half’ (or part of it) as their training run for that Sat.



May 5, 2012

CFAR’s “mentoring” program, ’Community Runners And Walkers’, met from 9-10 AM in the grass area off the Waynesboro Y parking lot.

About twenty interested in starting or restarting their walking/running routine were present, and about as many CFAR ‘instructors’ provided one-on-one and small group instruction.

Many selected the ‘Firecracker 5K’ as their immediate goal.

The program is FREE and open to all ages and abilities.  Please join us.



May 1, 2012

CFAR’s Inaugural “Mad Anthony Half” (marathon)

Details to follow, please check back often.



Apr 16  CFARian Boston Marathon Results

The 116th running of the Boston Marathon was held today.  Unseasonably warm temps made it tough going for those that actually ran, approximately 5,000 entrants elected to defer their entry to next year’s running.  Here’s the unofficial results for our four CFARians

**Unofficial Results**
Mile Markers/Pace 6.2 Pace 13.1 Pace 18.6 Pace 26.2 Pace
Michelle 49:27.0 07:58.5 1:47:32 08:12.5 2:36:42 08:25.5 3:49:02 08:44.5
Misti 52:29.0 08:27.9 1:57:44 08:59.2 3:02:21 09:48.2 0:00:00 00:00.0
Angie 59:34.0 09:36.5 2:13:56 10:13.4 3:20:34 10:47.0 4:51:13 11:06.9
Daryl 1:03:53 10:18.2 2:27:46 11:16.8 3:35:05 11:33.8 4:59:52 11:26.7



Mar 13  CFARian ‘Chambersburg Half Marathon’ Results

The Chambersburg Road Runners put on another great race, see our results below:

CFARian Time Comments
Mike Amsler 1:47:22
Lauren Meckley 1:47:57 2nd in age group
Sue Shaeffer 1:50:07 1st in age group
Rod Teach 1:51:31
Angie Fuss 1:51:43
Dr. Lazlo Madaras 1:57:48
Mike Bercaw 2:03:48
Madison Hurley 2:12:26 First Half-Marathon
Matt Hurley 2:12:37
Jim Aden 2:14:00



Mar 10  CFARians in the News

Lee Goodwin of ‘The Record Herald’ recently profiled Angie Fuss and Daryl Lehman.  In case you missed the articles, you’ll find the links here:  Angie & Daryl.



Feb 25  CFAR 2012 Officer Elections – Results

President – Daryl Lehman

Vice President (1) – John Kelley

Vice President (2) – Ashlyn Shockey

Secretary – Erica Price

Congratulations to our new officers!



Feb 13  CFAR 2012 Officer Elections

Ballots for CFAR’s 2012 officer elections can be found here.  Voting ends Monday Feb 20 at midnight.  Election results will be announced at Feb’s monthly meeting, 7:30 PM Thurs Feb 23.



Jan 10  Chambersburg Road Runners Club (CRRC) “Runner’s Seminar II” Sat Feb 18, 2012

CRRC has put together another outstanding Runner’s Seminar.  Find the brochure for “Feel the Fire” here (agenda and location).

This is well worth your time; regardless of where you are in your running (i.e. beginner – elite), you’ll come away with something new.

Oh yeah, for those in need, Starbucks is right around the corner.



Jan 9  CFAR’s Third Annual New Years Day “Informal 5K” Mon Jan 2, 2012

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the New Year than to run a 5K with family and friends.  @ 30 of us did just that on Mon Jan 2.

2011 Hall of Fame inductees Sue Shaffer and Daryl Lehman put their heads together and came up with this year’s “family-friendly” route.  A big thanks to Sue and Daryl.

In addition to enjoying a brisk morning run together, CFAR’s New Years’ runners raised @ 60 non-perishable food items for the Waynesboro Homeless Shelter food bank.  A big thanks to all!!

Remember, 2012 has been officially named “Bring a Friend to Run” year.  There are many newbies who are itching to get started, and vets who want to start again, who just need a little motivation.

Be that motivation; offer to pick them up for Sat runs, and to cool down together over a warm drink at Christie’s Cafe.

I wish you and yours a very happy, prosperous and healthy (injury free!) New Year!



Dec 17  CFAR’s Annual Christmas Hash Run

WOW!  What an outing!!  Most awoke Sat to a typical early Dec morning; cold, overcast and a bit dreary. To runners, particularly those with a distance addiction, Sat morning was nirvana!!  You felt as though you could run forever…well, maybe not in a red union suit with reindeer antlers…but you know what I  mean.

We had our largest Christmas Hash Run yet, @ 35 devotees came out for an hour long ”fox hunt” through the borough. Once again, Michelle graciously served as our “fox” and proceeded to expertly mark the course, ensuring the “hounds” (the rest of us) went down many blind alleys and rabbit holes.  A great time was had by all!  Afterwards we retired to Christie’s Cafe for fellowship and our annual awards ceremony.

The theme for 2011 – “miles make champions” (check out who brought home the hardware).  The 2011 award recipients are

CFAR Running Hall of Fame Inductees:  Sue Shaffer and Daryl Lehman

Most Improved Runners:  Beth Skroban and Daryl Lehman

Rookies of the Year:  Heather Monn and Ray Brosius

Youth Runner:  Ian Skroban
“Seabiscuit” (true grit):  Michelle Benchoff
“Forrest Gump” (highest mileage):  Daryl Lehman (@ 2,250 miles) (distance between NYC & LA: 2,444 miles)
“Prefontaine” (spirit):  Daryl Lehman
Fashionista (outlandish wardrobe):  Rod Teach (2nd year)
The Gadgeteer (running bling):  Fred Skroban (2nd year)
The Minimalist (lacking bling):  Rod Teach (2nd year)
Liar’s Club – Distance (understates intended distance):  Steve Ferree
Liar’s Club – Pace (understates intended pace):  Ken Lopez
The Joker (smiles for all):  Harry Morningstar (2nd year)

President’s “Outstanding Volunteer Award”:  Fred Skroban for his work as Security Chief at the 30K Gut Check
President’s “Outstanding Achievement Award”:  Daryl Lehman for his work as Race Director of the WaynesboroFest 5K

A special thanks to Christie’s Cafe for hosting us!

Thanks to everyone who made 2011 such a significant and memorable year for CFAR and our community!!


Nov 29  CFAR’s Annual Christmas Gathering Sat Dec 17

CFAR’s annual Christmas gathering will be held Sat Dec 17.

We’ll meet at 7 AM at the Y for either a group run or hash run, and then at Christine’s Cafe @ 8:30 AM for our annual award presentations.

Please be sure to wear your favorite holiday running attire (i.e. Santa hats, sleigh bells, red union suits…).

Please complete the end of year award questionnaire NLT Tues Dec 13.


Sept 22  The Record Herald Article

Ben Destefan’s excellent wrap-up article in The Record Herald.  Thanks Ben!!

Race photos courtesy of The Record Herald (great pics!).


Sept 20  Final Race Results

Go here for the Final Race Results from Sat’s 2nd annual 30K Gut Check.


Sept 20  Fall Eventing Season is Finally Here!!

It’s that magical time of year again.  No, not the holidays, it’s “eventing season”.  For distance runners, this is nirvana, it’s what we’ve trained for all year, and it’s finally here!!!  Cool mornings and pleasant daytime temps make for perfect running conditions.

CFARians are off to all points of the compass this fall.  Here’s a sampling of where we’re headed

Here’s hoping the long slogs through the summer’s blast furnace pays off in PR’s and BQ’s for all!!

Good luck, be safe, and be sure to blog your experiences and results.


Aug 30: For the latest updates on CFAR’s 2nd annual 30K Gut Check proudly sponsored by”Advanced Chiropractic, Foot & Ankle Care PC“, go to the “Race News” tab on the race web site.  It’s wedged between the “Register Now” and “Race FAQs” tabs.


Aug 17:  The final countdown has begun (cue goose bumps & rapid heart beat)…30-days until CFAR’s 2nd annual “30K Gut Check”!!

What, you haven’t signed up yet?!  Why not?!  Go here and get it done now, registration fees go up Sept 1.

What’s new this year?  We’ve modified the course to make it safer and perhaps a bit more challenging (what did Arthur Lydiard say about hill training?).  Trust us, you’ll love it!!

For those looking for a cool run in the woods, check out trail bosses Vicki and Bea’s latest offering on Sat Aug 27.


July 4:  The 14th Annual Firecracker 5K & 4th Annual Salamander Scramble

WOW!!  What a great outing this morning!  CFAR boasted many PR’s, and came away with more than our fair share of ribbons and medals.

Special thanks to Tracy Holiday for organizing another amazing Team SALAMANDER, +/- 67 ‘manders, and 5K net – incredible!!

Thanks also to Michelle Benshoff for hosting CFAR’s “30K Gut Check” post-race reception – great eats, drinks and fellowship!!

Final Race results here

Final Kid’s Fun Run results here


June 13:  CFAR’s Annual Picnic

Reminder, CFAR’s annual picnic is this Sat, June 18 from noon to 3 PM at Renfrew Park.  ”Pre” Kelley suggested “Share the Knowledge” as this year’s theme.  Bring your running books, DVD’s etc. to pass around during the picnic.


June 4:  CFAR’s “Mr. Amazing” makes the papers!

Lee Goodwin with The Record Herald has a terrific article on Daryl Lehman’s BQ at the Bob Potts Marathon last month.  Thanks Lee and great job “Mr. Amazing”!!


June 1:  National Running Day

Today is National Running Day.  Don’t forget to run today, better yet, take a new runner running with you.

It seems summer has finally arrived, watch out for excessive heat and humidity and remember to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!


May 25:  May Monthly Meeting Rescheduled

CFAR’s May Monthly Meeting has been rescheduled to 7:30 PM Thurs June 2.  Enjoy the holiday weekend and don’t forget to

1.  Register for CFAR’s 2nd annual “30K Gut Check”.
2.  Recruit 1 or 2 other runners to register for CFAR’s 2nd annual “30K Gut Check”.
3.  Blog about your weekend running experiences on the “Daily Runners Blog”.


May 17:  CFAR’s Monthly Trail Run

CFAR trail bosses Bea and Vicki have put together another challenging trail run for us.  See the flyer for date, time and logistics details.



Official results for the Bob Potts Marathon

26.2 Pace
Ken Lopez 3:40:25 8:24
Daryl Lehman 3:56:15 9:01
Misti Jesson 4:08:25 9:28
Fred Skroban 4:10:16 9:33
Michael Amsler 4:17:31 9:49
RheeAnna Walters 5:18:46 12:10

Daryl found marathon coverage in The York Daily Record.  Nice write up and several pictures.



Several CFARians ran the Bob Potts Marathon this morning (results posted when they’re released). Of special note, Daryl Lehman posted an unofficial time of 3:56 qualifying him for The Boston Marathon!!  As many know, Daryl has chased this dream for several years, and finally, after logging over 700 miles for this morning’s run alone, he made it!!  Miles make champions!  Great job everyone!!



What an incredible CFAR weekend!

The Pavement Princesses and Abominable Slow-Men tackled the 3rd annual American Odyssey Run Relay Race from Gettysburg, PA to Washington, DC.  For many this was their third AOR outing, for several their second, and for a few, their first.  I think all would agree that this year’s running lived up to it’s billing; challenging course, great competitors, great friends, a little blood (Dr. Greg), a lot of sweat (all), and tears (Michelle’s ankle), new friends – including Manny Kin’s cousins Thor and Serena (thanks Harry!), made for a very memorable weekend!

Several CFARians also competed in the inaugural running of The Gettysburg North-South Marathon yesterday and posted great times!

26.2 Pace
Rich Rodriguez 3:25:29 7:51
Heidi Marks 3:33:43 8:09
Wayne Buhrman 4:01:37 9:13
Erica Price 4:03:25 9:17


Apr 18: 115th Boston Marathon FINAL RESULTS (unofficial)

Start 6.2 Pace 13.1 Pace 18.6 Pace 26.2 Pace End
Rick 10:00 AM 39:42.0 06:24.2 1:26:22 06:35.6 2:06:35 06:48.3 3:04:54 07:03.4 1:05 PM
Misti 10:24 AM 50:05.0 08:04.7 1:46:28 08:07.6 2:33:48 08:16.1 3:39:06 08:21.8 2:04 PM
Michelle 10:41 AM 53:59.0 08:42.4 1:53:02 08:37.7 2:37:57 08:29.5 3:41:32 08:27.3 2:23 PM
Diane 10:41 AM 53:59.0 08:42.4 1:53:09 08:38.2 2:43:09 08:46.3 3:53:33 08:54.8 2:35 PM
Sue 10:40 AM 53:57.0 08:42.1 1:53:08 08:38.2 2:43:08 08:46.2 3:54:11 08:56.3 2:35 PM
John 10:41 AM 54:01.0 08:42.7 1:55:13 08:47.7 2:53:36 09:20.0 4:23:49 10:04.2 3:05 PM


Apr 16: Despite today’s monsoon like conditions, plenty of CFAR activity to report…

First, big thanks to CFARian Stacy Beck on her Race Director Debut.  Stacy organized the inaugural “Healthy Kid’s Day 1/4 Mile Fun Run” held this morning at the Waynesboro YMCA.  Braving the rain and wind, approximately a dozen and a half young runners attacked the 1/4 mile course on the Y’s front lawn. An awards ceremony was held in the Y Teen Center following the race.  Thanks Stacy!!

Special thanks to CFARians Fred Skroban and John Manning for serving as this morning’s course marshals.

Second, thanks to CFARians Daryl Lehman and Tracy Holiday for serving as our ombudsmen at ”Healthy Kid’s Day” this morning.  You couldn’t ask for better spokespeople, their smiling faces and infectious enthusiasm capture what we’re all about.  Thanks Daryl and Tracy!!

Third, the excitement builds for Monday’s big race.  Check out Lee Goodwins’s article “Waynesboro area runners participating in Boston Marathon” in today’s The Record Herald.  Thanks Lee!!



Apr 15: LOTS going on, so hold on…

First, congratulations to CFARian Chris Manning on her Race Director debut.  ”Judy’s Challenge”, a 1.5-mile fun run for Waynesboro’s Pregnancy Ministries, Inc., in remembrance of Judy Clement, was run yesterday at St. Andrew Parish School.   Chris, the consummate professional, ensured every race and logistical detail was accounted for, resulting in a great afternoon for all – runners, walkers, supporters, and the community at large!  Great job Chris!  Check out articles by The Record Herald and The Herald-Mail.

Special thanks to CFARians who were on-hand to help support “Judy’s Challenge”; Angie Fuss and the WAMS cross country club, Pat Sherman, Mike Amsler, Fred and Beth Skroban, Michelle Benshoff, Dr.’s Bui & Coa, Heather Monn, Keri Henry, Saleh Ghazali, Daryl Lehman, Tracy Holiday, Hollister Rolls, Will Manning, and Timothy and Jack Correll.

Second, CFAR and the Waynesboro YMCA present the inaugural “Healthy Kid’s Day 1/4 Mile Fun Run”, Sat Apr 16, registration: 9 AM, race: 9:45 AM.  Organized by CFARian Stacy Beck, the race promises to be a perennial favorite.  CFAR offered to help with logistical support, so please lend a hand if you can.  A possible game plan for tomorrow morning might be; meet at the Y at 7 AM for our weekly fun run, follow the run with light stretching and coffee at Adventures in Coffee, and then head back to the Y to help with the fun run (bring umbrellas and rain gear).

Third, Boston beckons, and several of our “elite” are headed north for Monday’s 115th running of the Boston Marathon.  Diane Wilson (bib no 18106) will be running her 4th Boston, Michelle Benshoff (bib no 14382) and Sue Shaffer (bib no 18100) are running their 2nd, and “Pre” Kelley (bib no 12789) and Misti Jesson are running Boston for the first time.   Boston vet Rick Meyers will be running as part of an elite team from CVAC.  We wish our “Best” our very best!!  We can’t wait for the stories!  And someone please take a few pictures, we need to update our web site photos.

FYI: Diane posted this tip for following our fellow CFARians’ progress on Mon “for progress/time updates, text the word “RUNNER” to 345678. You will receive a reply text asking you to reply with a bib no.”.

Fourth, be sure to check our site’s “Events” tab regularly.  Did you know that our trail bosses Vicki and Bea are hosting the “thirteenth ever” CFAR trail run tomorrow?  Meet at the Camp Penn lower parking lot at 8:45 AM for a trail brief before heading off into the Michaux State Forrest.  Vicki and Bea always find new and challenging routes that showcase some of the most beautiful running in our community.

Fifth, CFAR’s “Running Shoe Recycle” program kicked off quietly yesterday (the official kick-off is slated for Mon May 2).  Click on the program logo to learn more.  Special thanks to Program Director Angie Fuss, Program Administrator Monica Beck, and Wayne Driscoll and the “Custom Design Studio” for their beautiful logo design!


Feb 10: Here’s the link to Dr. Bui’s AOR (American Odyssey Run Relay Race) interview that ran in The Record Herald last night.

Dec 31: CFAR’s New Year’s Day (informal) 5K is Sat Jan 1 @ 9 AM sharp (show up early to stretch etc.), meet at the Waynesboro YMCA parking lot. The course is the same used for the Firecracker 5K, BUT we start & finish at the Y parking lot. Please bring one non-perishable food item to be donated to the homeless shelter food bank. Are there any prizes? Nothing formal, just a huge check in the block for getting the New Year started off right!! What does “informal” mean? This is for fun, there are no timing devices, no bibs, no t-shirts etc. Just a lot of fun. Who can participate? Anyone and everyone. Bring family, friends, neighbors etc. Under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or Pre Kelley.

Dec 18:  Twenty-six festive runners participated in our 2nd Annual “Holiday Hash Run”.  Bedecked in Santa caps and reindeer antlers, the pack tracked Michelle Benshoff – this year’s hare, over a 6-mile course through the borough.  Many thanks to “Adventures in Coffee” for hosting our post-hash run, end-of-year awards ceremony. The following CFARians were recognized for their significant achievements and contributions in 2010:

CFAR Running Hall of Fame Inductees:  Michelle Benshoff and John Kelley

Most Improved Runners:  Beth Skroban and Wayne Buhrman

Rookies of the Year:  Heidi Marks and Mike Amsler

Youth Runner:  Abram Moats (varsity letter in cross country as a freshman)
“Seabiscuit” (true grit):  John Kelley
“Forrest Gump” (highest mileage):  Michelle Benshoff (@ 2,200 miles)
“Prefontaine” (spirit):  John Kelley
Fashionista (outlandish wardrobe):  Rod Teach
The Gadgeteer (running bling):  Fred Skroban
The Minimalist (lacking bling):  Rod Teach
Liar’s Club – Distance (understates intended distance):  Bob Correll
Liar’s Club – Pace (understates intended pace):  Steve Ferree
The Joker (smiles for all):  Harry Morningstar

President’s “Outstanding Volunteer Award”:  Tracey Holiday (AORR, Salamander Scramble, trail run hospitality)
President’s “Outstanding Achievement Award”:  The “30K Gut Check” Race Committee

President’s at-large Awards for Noteworthy Contributions:
1.  Bea Boccalandro and Vicki Stinebaugh for their work in organizing monthly trail runs.
2.  David Wilson for creating and implementing “Running 101″

Thanks to everyone who made 2010 such a significant and memorable year for CFAR and our community!!

Special thanks to our generous supporters Harry Morningstar of“The Waynesburger” and Lorraine Moller of

Dec 7:  CFAR’s 2nd Annual “Holiday Hash Run” 7 AM Sat Dec 18.  Meet at the Waynesboro YMCA parking area and wear festive clothing and hats (Santa & elf hats, reindeer antlers, sleigh bells etc.).  CFAR’s “Christmas Gathering & Year End Awards Ceremony” follows at 9 AM at “Adventures in Coffee” (230 East Main St.).

Nov 23:  Here’s the link to the JFK retrospective that ran in The Record Herald last night.

Nov 23:  Thanksgiving means “Turkey Trots” (5K), here are the links to two area favorites, the 7th Annual Greencastle Turkey Trot (9 AM), and the 10th Annual HCC Turkey Trot (8:30 AM).  The organizers for both ask that each registrant donate a canned nonperishable food item.

Nov 22:  What a weekend!!  Congratulations to our JFK ultramarathoners and Philly marathoners.  Here’s the link to the JFK results and to The Record Herald article that ran tonight.  Here’s the link to the Philly results (Dr. Greg, Dr. Bui & the Running Dude ran the marathon, Heidi ran the half).

Oct 22:  Dr. Stephen forwarded the following; he recently diagnosed a runner with a stress fracture that will prevent them from participating in this Sunday’s (Oct 24) Army Ten-Miler.  The injured runner is offering their bib number to whoever runs in their place.  Interested?  Please e-mail

Sept 27:  Click here for the Runner’s on-line survey.  Click here for the Volunteer’s on-line survey. Race Results, Runners’ on-line survey and Lost & Found can be found by clicking on the Race Logo.

Sept 22:  Go to page A6 of The Record Herald for our Sponsor, Volunteer and Community thank you (sorry, no link to advertisements).

Sept 21:  “30K Gut Check” Lost and Found posted on race results page (click on race logo above).

Sept 20:  Two great write-ups from The Record Herald; front page, and sports page (with race results).

Sept 19:  The Volunteer Recognition Party was a huge success.  Many thanks to organizers Mary & Harry, Wayne and “Lucky Punk” for their extended “super set” (yes, “the band is back”), and our gracious host Ann and her terrific staff at Blondie’s.

Sept 19:  Race Staff; the post-race wrap-up meeting is 7:30 PM Thurs Sept 23 at the Y.

Sept 18:  For RACE RESULTS and our ON-LINE SURVEY click on the race logo!  Thanks again for making running history!!  Admin note:  Issues the with survey have been addressed.  Please do not take the survey a second time, comments left for the applicable questions are sufficient.

Sept 18:  ”Runners, On Your Marks, Set, GO”!!

Sept 17:  Weather update; the rain moved out early this morning, and we’ve begun to dry out with partly sunny skies and a light breeze.  Tomorrow promises to be a stunner – sunny (remember the sun screen) with race temps between 60 and 74 degrees.  The only concern is lingering humidity.  So remember to hydrate well today and use all 9 water stations tomorrow.  They’ll offer Gatorade first and water second.  Some might offer other goodies like fruit and M&M’s, but they’re not offering gels or blocks, if you need them, bring them with you!

I’ll remind everyone again before the start, PLEASE take a moment to say a word of thanks to the Volunteers.  They’re there for you, so please say thanks!

And a final word of thanks to each of you for including us in your running plans.  We’ve put a lot into making tomorrow a historic, challenging and hopefully, rewarding day for everyone.  Please remember to stay safe on the course; watch for early risers going out for coffee and a newspaper, Wal-Mart shoppers and soccer families coming and going on Country Club Rd.

Travel safe and leave a little extra time for road construction.  We can’t wait to see you in the morning!!

Sept 16:  Although the weather forecast remains “sunny”, the Road Gods (PennDOT) have thrown us a curve.  Main St. is being prepared for resurfacing by “milling” or grinding off the top layers of macadam (see The Record Hearld article).  This is important for two reasons; first, the remaining surface has an “alligatored texture” that’s very rough and pitted (think ”urban trail run”).  PLEASE USE EXTREME CAUTION when running and/or walking on “milled surfaces”- watch every step.  Second, the article indicates milling occurs from 6 PM – 6 AM.  PLEASE allow for additional travel time if you’re planning to use Main St. (PA 16), particularly if traveling west to east (i.e. Greencastle to Waynesboro).

Sept 15:  Weather forecast for Sat Sept 18 remains “sunny” with temps between 57 and 81 degrees (race @ 63 - 76 degrees) – keep those fingers crossed.

Sept 15:  Go to page A6 of The Record Herald for our community announcement (sorry, no link to advertisements).

Sept 13:  A few logistical reminders to help Sat run smoothly
A.Parking.Please park in the Rotary Parking lot. It’s a 2-minute walk to the Registration area and a 2-minute walk to the post race refreshment area. GPS: use Henicle’s Market, 42 West Second St., Waynesboro, PA, 17268.  Look for the CFAR Parking Greeter who will direct you to the registration area.
B.Chip timing devices. ALL runners need to pick-up a chip timing device Sat morning. Look for the “Chip Timing” table under the Registration sign. Chips are affixed to bibs by peeling off the back and sticking them in place. The “Chip Timing” table opens at 6:30 AM.
C.Assemble, Welcome, GO! Runners will assemble behind the starting line in the southwest quadrant of Center Square at 7:45 AM. After a short welcome, blessing and signing of the National Anthem, runners will receive a safety brief. At 7:59:45 AM runners will hear “Runners, On Your Marks, Set, GO”!
D.Safety, Safety, Safety. Except for the first mile, no other portion of the course will be closed to vehicle traffic. Runners will run against traffic unless otherwise directed. They will exercise extreme caution while negotiating the course, particularly when approaching, traversing and exiting intersections. They will obey all traffic control volunteers as well as local law enforcement officials. Remember to think not only for yourself, but for the motorist behind the wheel. Despite numerous newspaper articles and course signs, many motorists will be surprised to encounter you on Sat. morning. Stay vigilant and stay safe.
E.Volunteers. There are almost as many volunteers as runners in the inaugural running of the “30K Gut Check”. Please take the time to thank each of them for their service. A simple “thanks for being here” goes a long way.
F.Finish Line.After running through the Finish Line, runners will be greeted by volunteers with mylar blankets and finishers’ medals. PLEASE keep moving, and do not sit it down in or around the finish area. An EMT will be available for those requiring medical attention, and the medical table is located in the registration area. A volunteer will direct finishers down S Church St. to the rear of Susquehanna Bank and then onto the post race refreshment area.
G.Post Race Refreshments.Located on the opposite side of Rotary Parking lot is the Waynesboro Volunteer Fire Dept social hall where the post race refreshments will be set-up (look for the balloons). It’s about a five-minute walk from the finish area, and while passing through the Rotary Parking area, runners will have an opportunity to stop at their car to change out their running shoes and into a dry shirt. Tables and chairs will be set-up inside and weather permitting, outside the social hall as well. The refreshment committee has planned a nice spread of bagels, cookies, chips, apples, bananas, chocolate and bottled water. Note: this is a BYOE affair (Bring Your Own Edurox).
H.Awards. The awards ceremony is tentatively scheduled for 12:30 PM at the social hall.
I.Results. In addition to posting race results throughout the morning, we’ll post the final results on our web site as soon as possible following the race. They’ll also be available on the timer’s web site as well,
J.Showers.”Shower coupons” for the Waynesboro Area YMCA and Gold’s Gym will be included in every race packet. Both are just a few blocks from the Rotary Parking area. Ask a volunteer for directions.
K.Survey. Please look for the survey link and complete the post event survey within the first several days of the event. Your feedback is very important to us, particularly following our inaugural event.

Sept 13:  Weather forecast for Sat Sept 18 is ”sunny” with temps between 58 and 79 degrees (race @ 63 - 74 degrees) – keep your fingers crossed.

Sept 12:  Volunteer & Race Staff shirts will be available for pick-up at “Walk-up Registration & Early Race Packet Pick-up”, Thurs Sept 16 & Fri Sept 17, 6-8 PM, at the office of “Main St., Inc.”, 8 West Main St. (Center Square, besides “Frank’s Pizza”).

Sept 12:  The Record Herald’s article of Sat Sept 11.

Sept 10:  One week and counting!!  If you’ve been procrastinating, don’t delay any longer – sign up NOW!  Don’t you dare miss the inaugural event.  How many chances do you have to run in the very FIRST event?   Ever wonder what the first Boston, Chicago or NYC marathon was like?  Please check back throughout next week for any late changes.  Also, keep an eye on our weather.  The weather forecast for Sat Sep 18 is ”sunny” with temps between 58 and 79 degrees (race @ 65 - 74 degrees) – WOW!!

Aug 31st:  ALL runners (solo & relay) MUST pick-up and affix a timing chip to their bib on Race Morning.  The “chip table” opens at 6:30 AM (sorry, they’re not available any earlier).

Aug 31st:  No need to drive home in stinky running clothes.  Showers are graciously being provided the Waynesboro Area YMCA and Gold’s Gym .  Please check your race packets for “shower” coupons, and ask a friendly volunteer for directions (both are within several blocks of the Finish Line).

Aug 28th:   Want to run in the RELAY event or need someone to complete your team? Email me at

Aug 11th: ”Advanced Chiropractic, Foot & Ankle Care PC“secures naming rights to CFAR’s “30K Gut Check” road race for two years by becoming CFAR’s Primary Underwriter.  Thank you Dr’s Bui, Faour and Cao for believing in “the little engine that could”!  Great things follow great ideas, hard work and generous support!